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Claudio Pino is proud to unveil its first hardcover monograph. This is a hardcover exclusive edition of 200. It includes an introduction by Maegen Black, Administrative Director of Canadian Crafts Federation, Haikus inspired by Claudio Pino’s rings by Geneviève Fillion and photos by Arkan Zakharov and Claudio Pino.

claudio Pino
Claudio Pino: The Power of Rings (Hardcover edition)
The Work of Claudio Pino
Montreal. Technical data: 9.75 x 8.75 in, full color photographs, 93 pages, cloth bound. Text in English and French
ISBN/ISSN: 978-2-9813980-0-0
Limited Edition
Price: $50
Introduction – Maegen Black
Essay – Claudio Pino
Haikus – Geneviève Fillion
Photography – Arkan Zakharov and Claudio Pino
Model – Célestine Rioux, Folio Montréal
H&M – Paco, L’Éloi
Design – Annick Burion
Edited – Philomène Longpré
Printed – Quadriscan, Montreal, Qc, Canada