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Magacin, Claudio Pino, Puerto Rico Magacín – Puerto Rico USA
“Diseño delirante”
By Larissa Vázquez Zapata
Magacín, April 2014, Puerto Rico, USA
pp. 32-34
Pino Design, Claudio Pino Canadian Jeweller Magazine

“Claudio Pino”
By Véronique Dubé
Canadian Jeweller Magazine, Jan. 2014, Canada
p. 55, 56

Claudio Pino, JOYA Magazine JOYA Magazine

“Claudio Pino”
By Damian Pineda
JOYA Magazine, April 2014, Mexico
pp. 109-115

Claudio Pino, ELLE Québec ELLE Québec

“Anneaux Futuristes”
By Martina Djogo
Elle Québec, April 2014, Québec

Claudio pino Canadian Jeweller Magazine

“Claudio Pino”
By Véronique Dubé
Canadian Jeweller Magazine, Jan. 2014, Canada
pp. 44 – 48

Claudio Pino, Hunger Games Journal de Montréal

“Le talent québécois mis à profit”
by Maxime Demers
Journal de Montréal, Nov. 2013, Canada

Elle Canada, Claudio Pino ELLE Canada

“COVER – ELLE Canada”
March, 2014

Steampunk- Claudio pino Steampunk Jewelry

“Steampunk Jewelry”
By Spurgeon Vaughn Ratcliffe
Steampunk Jewelry, Graffito Book, 2014, London, UK
pp.102 to 109.
“As a boy, Claudio was fascinated by the world of Jules Vernes. However, it was the work of Japanese film director, Hayao Miyazaki, which brought him into the steampunk movement. “Animated movie like Nausica of the Valley of the Wind and Laputa – Castle in the sky are what rooted me in the scene.” ….

Claudio Pino, VJ VICENZE Magazine VJ Jewellery Vicenza Magazine

“Claudio Pino”
VJ Jewellery Vicenza Magazine, Nov. 2013, Italy
p. 3, 108

Claudio Pino, Accessories Magazine Accessories Magazine

“Style/CULTURE -10 Key influencers – Accessories looks at What’s HIP and Happening Now”
By Lauren Parker
Accessories Magazine, May 2012, USA

Claudio Pino - Jewellery Business Jewellery Business Magazine

“Shop Smart, Sell swift – The pricing sweet spot and the colours customers crave”
By Diana Jarrett
Jewellery Business Magazine, August 2012, USA

Claudio Pino, Flare FLARE Magazine

“FLARE January ’13 – Beauty Cover. Kinetic Rings by Claudio Pino”
Photography: Andrew Soule
Model: Jeanna Earle, Fashion Styling: Corey Ng
Makeup: David Allan Jones, Hair: Justin German
Rings: Claudio Pino
FLARE Magazine, January 2013, Canada
p. 20

Claudio Pino, MJSA Journal MJSA Journal

“Light Show. Claudio Pino captures the night sky in Magnificent Stellaire”
By Shannon L. Brown
MJSA Journal – Professional Excellence in Jewelry Making & Design, July 2012, USA
pp. 40-41

Claudio Pino, PULP MagazineClaudio Pino, PULP Magazine PULP Magazine

“Claudio Pino”
Photography by Arkan Zakharov
Interview by Naeme El-Zein
Model: Masha (Folio Montreal), H&M: Paco (L’Éloi)
Rings by Claudio Pino.
PULP No.5, July 2012, Canada

Claudio Pino, PULP MagazineClaudio Pino, PULP magazineClaudio Pino, PULP magazineClaudio Pino, PULP magazineClaudio Pino, PULP magazine

Claudio Pino, Solitaire MagazineClaudio Pino, Solitaire Magazine Solitaire Fashion Magazine – Singapore, Asia Pacific Edition

By Nida Seah
Solitaire Fashion Magazine, Asia Pacific Edition, February-March 2009, Singapore

Claudio Pino, Lapidary Journal Lapidary Journal Magazine

“Claudio Pino Exhibits”
Facets. News and Product Innovations
Lapidary Journal Magazine, June 2013, USA

Claudio Pino, Gold and TimeClaudio Pino, Gold and Time Gold & Time Magazine

“La Joyeria Cinetica”
By Jorge Rojas
Gold & Time Magazine, November 2013, Barcelone, Spain

Claudio Pino, JCK Magazine JCK Magazine

“Protea’s Moonlight Ring with Yellow Diamonds and Onyx by Claudio Pino”
Style 360
By Jennifer Heebner
JCK Magazine, November 7 2012, New York, USA

Claudio Pino, MAG MAGazine

“Jewellers of Quebec ”
Exhibition Review
By Dianne Karg Baron
MAGazine, V27, No.2, 2012, Canada

Claudio Pino, Jewelry Artist MagazineClaudio Pino, Jewelry Artist MagazineClaudio Pino, Jewelry Artist Magazine Jewelry Artist Magazine

“Magic and Movement,
Claudio Pino’s kinetic rings are cyclic jeweled worlds”
By Nina Graci
Jewelry Artist Magazine, September 2008, USA
p.35, pp. 46-53

Claudio Pino, Canadian JewellerClaudio Pino, Canadian Jeweller CJ – Canadian Jewellery Magazine

“Art meets Science,
Claudio Pino designs sculptural rings that reflects the wearer’s movement”
By Bonnie Siegler
CJ – Canadian Jewellery Magazine, January 2012, Canada
pp. 70-71

Claudio Pino, Toronto StarClaudio Pino, Toronto Star MAGgazine / Originally published in the Toronto Star

“Not for the Faith of Art”
By Rita Zetkas
MAG Magazine / Originally published in the Toronto Star, Fall 2007, Canada
pp. 28-29

Claudio Pino, Bejeweled Bejeweled Magazine

“Designer Interview”
By Karen Lee
Bejeweled Magazine, Winter 2008, Hong Kong
pp. 34-35

Claudio Pino, Jewelry Artist Magazine Lapidary Journal – Jewelry Artist Magazine

“Ring on the move”
Facets. News and Innovations
Lapidary Journal – Jewelry Artist Magazine, December 2009, USA

Claudio Pino, Le Figaro Journal Le Figaro

“Des Plumes et des Aigues”
Bertin-Toublanc Gallery
Journal Le Figaro, April 13-15, 2005, France

Claudio Pino, VJ Vincenza Jewellery VJ Vincenza Jewellery

“When the Game gets Elegance”
The adult world with eyes of teenagers
Vicenza Jewellery, April 13-15, 2012, Italy

Claudio Pino, Salon des métiers d'arts de Montréal Salon des Métiers d’arts du Québec à Montréal

“Claudio Pino”
Poster by Annick Burion
Salon des Métiers d’arts du Québec à Montréal, 2003, Montreal, Canada

Claudio Pino, Flagpole Flagpole Magazine

“Fire and Ice”
By Rebecca Brantley
Flagpole Magazine, October 1st 2008, USA

Claudio Pino, Journal ICI Le journal ICI

“Bijoux d’art”
By Patricia Perron
ICI, December 2008, Montreal, Canada

Claudio Pino, jewelry artist Lapidary Journal – Jewellery Artists

“Movable Gems”
Spinning, rotating, and revolving stones.
By Annie Usburn
Lapidary Journal – Jewellery Artists, September 2008, USA
p. 46

Claudio Pino Southernjeweler The Southern Jewelry News

“The story behind the stone: Jewelry for art’ seek”
By Diana Jarrett
The Southern Jewelry News, October 30, 2012, USA

Claudio Pino, National JewellerClaudio Pino, National Jeweller National Jeweller

“10x: Kinetically speaking, these rings move”
By Hannah Connorton
National Jeweler -New York, Fashion Editor, May 2012, New York, USA

Claudio Pino, Vogue ANOKHI Magazine

By Jacqueline Parrish
Summer Picks
ANOKHI magazine, Summer 2012

Claudio Pino, Chic MetalClaudio Pino, Chic Metal Chic Metal Magazine “Claudio Pino: Lord of the Ring”
By Victoria Tillotson
Chic Metal Magazine, June 2010, USA

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